The Complete Guide To A Good Shipping Policy

Any business selling online must have a good understanding of shipping. Shipping practices can make a business a success or a failure. If the shipping is not efficient the customers will notice. There are six important aspects regarding shipping.

On Time Shipping
Once the order has been placed by the customer the product should be packaged immediately. Taking too long to ship an order will make the customers angry because this delays the delivery. The best way to ensure the customers remain happy is with a fast and efficient shipping system.

Free Shipping
More customers will shop at an online store when incentives such as coupon codes or free shipping are provided. A lot of customers will spend more when shipping costs are eliminated. In most cases the shipping costs are covered and profits often increase. The shipping policy should never be used to make a profit when shipping boxes. Customers will notice if the business is making money on the shipping and they will not be happy.

Calculating Shipping Costs
Shipping research is important to ensure the business is not taking a loss on shipping. It is important the amount necessary to ship products is known up front. Understanding the specific details of the shipping and the exact costs are critical. The packaging is just as important as the shipping. The size of the box must fit the product. The right box size and packing materials are essential for the product. If the online store uses a lot of ecommerce shipping or ships on a regular basis they may be able to receive a reduced shipping rate or a discount. There are tools available free online for calculating shipping costs. These online calculations will be beneficial no matter what carrier is used. There are additionally numerous popular services for international shipping.

The shipping policy must be clear to the customers. The policy must be straightforward and up front. A customer should never have to navigate mazes of pages or register to be able to see the shipping policy. These actions will not help the site make more sales. The customer will be annoyed and the sale may be lost. Follow up communication is recommended. This includes sending out tracking information, shipping notifications, etc. Conflict can be avoided if the buyer is informed.

Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance can minimize risks and is a good idea. Insurance is a judgement call but will cover any packages damaged or lost in transit. Without insurance the business must cover the loss. Insurance can be used for all packages or just the most expensive products. This cost can be passed to the customer but must be explained in the company's shipping policies.

International Shipping
International shipping is trickier than domestic. Potential problems must be considered including the expense, the fraud risk and the overall uncertainty. International shipping increases the customer of the business throughout the world. There are more profits due to the greater access to the international markets. This will help increase the profits the online store is capable of making.

The Decisions
Shipping requires numerous decisions. The first step is establishing a shipping policy. The most important aspects include the cost of the shipping for the business, if free shipping for customers is a consideration, the insurance costs and if the risks are worth international shipping.